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Famous Art Galleries

Famous Art Galleries

Art galleries are the perfect settings for exhibiting art, generally visual art such as paintings, sculptures, and photography. Basically, art galleries feature a variety of art styles including contemporary and traditional fine art, glass art, art prints, and animation art. Art galleries are dedicated to the promotion of emerging artists. The U.S. has a wealth of famous art galleries. The High Museum of Art, Alleged Gallery, Henry Art Gallery, National Gallery of Art, Washington Gallery of Modern Art, Agora Gallery, Rosalux Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, The Alaska House Gallery, and Anchorage Museum of History and Art are some of the famous art galleries in the United States. Today, there are online art galleries exhibiting original artwork.
Many famous art galleries display regional pieces of art such as African art, American art, Indian art, and European art, along with folk art, modern and contemporary art, and photography. Some famous art galleries specialize in particular areas such as portraits. Art galleries organize seminars and workshops conducted by renowned artists.
Committed to excellence in both art and service, most famous art galleries offer you a rich, unforgettable experience.

Art Galleries are places where art is exhibited and in some cases sold. An introduction to art galleries should explain the difference between a commercial gallery and an art museum.
The term art galleries is used interchangeably between an actual art gallery where art is exhibited and sold for a profit and an art museum where collections of art are merely exhibited for the enjoyment and education of patrons. The exhibiting of art for the purpose of sale is the major function of the commercial art gallery.
A commercial art gallery exhibits art for the enjoyment of the patrons, but the art is also for sale. The majority of work exhibited in art galleries are visual art with paintings being the most common form. The expression contemporary art gallery does not refer to a style of art, but is used to describe the modern commercial for-profit art gallery. Art gallery is the name given to a place where some type of visual art is displayed. The two different types of art galleries are the art museum and the contemporary commercial art gallery. Some examples of famous art galleries in the United States are the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C, and the St. Louis Art Museum.
Contemporary art galleries or commercial art galleries have the purpose of selling art rather than simply displaying it. There are as many different types of these art galleries are there are types of art. Other art galleries tend to specialize in one type of art or another.
The different types of commercial art galleries include rental galleries and co-op galleries. Certain galleries might offer only local art, or modern art. Some may be themed art such as historical art or wild life art. They may offer only religious art. Some galleries specialize in regional or national art. For example, Asian art might be the theme for a gallery or European art. Regards of the type of gallery, the purposes of the commercial art gallery are to get art in front of the public. Art galleries have encouraged the progress of art by providing opportunity to artists to exhibit their work and make a living.

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