Monday, February 14, 2011

The Art of Negotiation, Investing in ART, Investing in YOU, Its About the MONEY Honey! Part Two

The Art of Negotiation, Investing in ART, Investing in YOU, Its About the MONEY Honey! Part Two

Part Two:

Ask questions, sheesh, never be afraid to ask questions.

Don't be intimidated by people, they had a first day in kindergarten as well, don't let people fool you. What about shipping? Is there a trial period? Don't ship your work anywhere until you know that. Right!

Do you understand the secrets of the art of conversation? If you are shy, this can seem almost impossible. But anyone can learn the art of conversation with a few pointers.

It's as important to listen as it is to talk.

A good rule of thumb is to spend at least as much time listening as you do talking.

Men definitely respond to this, too. Ask questions.

If you ask questions related to things he has told you, then he knows that you are paying attention to him.

It will make a man feel great if you ask for his opinions. People tend to be more interested in people who are interested in them, so let him know that you value his opinion.

Call him on his bull.

When you are single, dating and flirting are important to your social life. Learning a few tips about the art of conversation can make a big difference.

This set is nothing but learning time spent with Rusty covering his astonishing alternate picking technique. This included three notes per string and four notes per string concepts. It utilises single, double and multiple string, string skipping, and more. It includes the 40 minute and 70 example video THE ART OF PICKING by RUSTY COOLEY. Also featured with the accompanying CD ROM is a 36 page 'pdf' file which contains THE ART OF PICKKING tab/chart examples by RUSTY COOLEY. 'Jeff Loomis' of 'NEVERMORE' has admitted to have benefited a lot from this instructional both in talent as well as songwriting.Rusty received his first equipment (a Peavey T27 guitar and a Peavey Decade amp) on his fifteenth birthday. Rusty took guitar lessons for a while but became dissatisfied with local guitar instructors and decided to become self-taught. He relied on instructional books and videos like Doug Mark's Metal Method.

After high school Rusty went to the local college and studied Music Theory.

Rusty joined Revolution in 1989 and stayed with them until 1993. During his time with Revolution they became a well-known band in Houston, even opening for bands such as Nitro, Badlands, South Gang, and Every Mother's Nightmare.

Rusty formed a short-lived band called Dominion after he left Revolution.

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