Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Time For a New Arts Movement?

Time For a New Arts Movement?

It surprises and angers me that the art establishment places so much value on the meaningless manipulation of material as if the application of media in new or different ways can, by itself render the media into art. New does not always equal innovation, and innovation by itself does not equal art. Art is the emotional and intellectual expression, and subsequent personal revelation, of individual experience. Generally techniques and material innovation derived from the artistic process of self-exploration. Art should never just be a commentary or a political statement. In the same breath, art should never be merely sentiment or raw emotion. Instead, art should create a dialog through which both the emotional and intellectual response to experience is revealed. It is time for a new arts movement; time for artists to collectively define the direction we take in the 21st century. It is time to focus on those works which embody authenticity of expression over material manipulation, depth over observation, beauty (which does not mean pretty) over disturbing, clarity and insight over shock and confusion. There is no truth to the conviction that bad work sells and good work gets hung in museums. Finally, it is time to help our world heal through works and exhibitions that value human endeavor over human despair. With the new school year upon us, what better way to celebrate than with the grand opening of a new art website which is home to ten Texas artists celebrating art & life. Just Art reports the release of their new home page highlighting the artist's paintings, as well as the artist's varied art techniques.

The Just Art Organization site at www.just-art.orghouses the ten artists painting gallery online. It is completing an extensive renovation to showcase the Dallas Texas artists work. Just Art artists share their experience with fellow artists to help each other in creativity, art critique, and support. Just Art Dallas artists meet bi-monthly, painting as a group in a creative atmosphere where they show their works and share about themselves. Just Art's mission states: "Art is a creative journey seeking the truth with one's self." Just Art Dallas Texas gallery at features art by emerging and established artists.
The Dallas Texas artists enjoy the distinction of having won recognitions in many local, national and international exhibitions. Their art is hanging in Churches and Temples in the greater Dallas area Just Art artists constantly strive to create works of art with freedom while using extensive knowledge acquired from many years of experience.
The organization features American art painted by a diverse group of artists with cultures from around the world, where each artist brings a unique perspective of creativity. The paintings are love of life, celebrating people, Christian art, Jewish art, nature, & our world. Just Art is showing original art works for sale online. The art site is a source for finding helpful art paintings & gallery sites and more information on Texas artists and Texas galleries.
Most people are merely functional when it comes to window fashions. As a matter of fact, window fashion IS the new art. Most people I work with have a piece of furniture or little arrangement that is the focal point of a room. I always suggest that the windows become the focal point. With this perspective, your eyes go right to the windows upon entering the room. There is nothing like custom window treatments and colors throughout the home. Decorating with fabric is an affordable luxury while still addressing the "light and privacy" concerns.
Window fashions have come a long way. It was more about privacy and as they say, light control. The art was something you hang on a wall or place on a shelf. You never thought of a window design as the new art.
Window fashions now fall into three categories. Functional, Decorative, and what I call the Fine Art category. Let light in. Keep light out. The fabric version of function is the classic drapes on a traverse rod. The decorative types of window fashions utilize color and texture combined with new complimentary paint colors. Window fashion hardware is a growing trend that just adds to the beauty of a window.
You enter into the Fine Art category when you combine the elements of function and decoration. There used to be a "tipping point" on the decoration-fine art spectrum. Beautiful custom window fashions are not just for the elite anymore. Great window fashions no longer "speak French". Everybody who reads this column can get some sort of custom window fashion, create a new focal point, and transform whatever room they desire.

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