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Indian Contemporary Art

Indian Contemporary Art

Contemporary just means "art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetimes". There is a certain amount of overlapping between "Contemporary" and "Modern" art. • Modern Art: Art from 1880 up until the 1960's or 70's.
Contemporary Art: Art from the 1960's or 70's up until this very minute.
Art History, 1970 is the cut-off point for two reasons. To categorize Indian Fine Art, have many criteria. Contemporary art - collectively - is much more socially conscious than any previous era has been. Roughly, Contemporary art runs from 1970 until now.
A more difficult approach is to understand Artists and their Art in terms of the inspirations they draw from. Art in India had always been an integral part of Indian life and excavations of Art objects from historical places have shown that Indian art had reached very high degrees of sophistication at various times in Indian History. Many of the artists in 21st century India use these historical styles in their art. Indian Contemporary artists take inspiration from various sources and styles, Indian Art still retains its distinct Indian's. Contemporary art in India provides an excellent opportunity to experience today's India through the unique and personalized visions of its artists.
Contemporary art is strongly influenced by the artists cultural background, history, training and experiences, it is forward looking. Contemporary Indian fine art is becoming increasingly accessible to tourists and the general public. In the reputed art centres of Mumbai, New Delhi, and Calcutta, museums and galleries proliferate.

Australia is home to many contemporary art galleries, making it ideal for those thinking of combining a luxury holiday with art. Here are our top 5 contemporary art galleries in Australia:
1. The Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane
Situated on Brisbane's South Bank, the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art is considered to be one of Australia's leaders in the modern art field. The Gallery is fostering alliances with the Asia-Pacific region by hosting the Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art. The Premier of Queensland's National New Media Art Award exhibition showcases new works across many technologies. The artists of these works use a variety of innovative and challenging approaches to the use of computer-based art, video, artificial intelligence, digital animation.
2. Jam Factory, Adelaide
3. Linden-Centre for Contemporary Arts, St Kilda
Linden-Centre for Contemporary Arts is located in Acland Street, the vibrant heart of St Kilda. This unique, not-for-profit contemporary art gallery is aptly housed in an historical building, adding to the cultural atmosphere. If you would like to experience contemporary art in a friendly relaxed atmosphere, then Linden is well worth visiting.
The vision for this gallery, which encourages audiences to enjoy and support contemporary art, is to be an evolving centre for the creation and presentation of contemporary art.
4. Australian Center for Contemporary Art, Melbourne
Melbourne's best known contemporary art gallery, the Australian Center for Contemporary Art (ACCA) has become one of the best tourist attractions in Melbourne due to its uniqueness. Even the building with its distinctive rusty steel fa├žade is acknowledged as a fine example of contemporary art. This major contemporary art gallery is a dynamic public art space that upholds visually creative, challenging, innovative art forms of the present day. Floor presentations by artists, along with workshops and seminars, are some of the facilities provided to encourage interest in contemporary art.
5. Ray Hughes Gallery, Surry Hills, Sydney
Some of the art displayed in the Ray Hughes Gallery includes sculpture, paintings, ceramics and collages. This gallery is definitely worth visiting when in Sydney if you are interested in modern art.
With such a diverse range of art on display across the country, art lovers can combine art exhibitions with luxury travel all year round.
Contemporary art is commonly understood as art that's current, or art that has been produced recently. Usually, art that's produced in the 20th Century onwards are considered contemporary art. But it's hard to classify an artwork as contemporary simply based on time alone. Would that art piece be considered as contemporary art? For an art piece to be widely recognized as contemporary art, contemporary ideas should be adopted when creating contemporary art. When creating art, there are a few elements that define that artwork. The techniques adopted, the technology adopted, the medium used, and the concept that's adopted.
For example, contemporary techniques may include single brush strokes. Also, more and more art pieces are created using advanced software. What seems to fit into the notion of contemporary art involves simplicity, speed and convenience.
We see more and more artists turn to fast drying mediums because art pieces can be completed faster. That's the essence of contemporary art.

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